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Subject: Re: [docbook] keycap vs keysym

Hi Dave,

On Montag, 24. September 2007, Dave Pawson wrote:
> What is the difference please, semantically?

According to the TDG:

  keycap — The text printed on a key on a keyboard
  keysym — The symbolic name of a key on a keyboard

The TDG gives you an example:

The <keycap>F1</keycap> key on an IBM PC keyboard generates the
scan code <keycode>0x3B</keycode> when pressed.  This value
is defined as <keysym>KEY_F1</keysym> in 
<filename class="headerfile">keyboard.h</filename>.

Or in other words, roughly spoken: Use keycap if your reader has to press 
a key. Use keysym if you "develop" a program and talk about a symbolic 
name of a key.

> Context, texinfo has @key{PAGEUP} (a label on a key)
> but it also has @key{PRIOR} which my keyboard doesn't have.
> Which is the more general docbook 4.5 markup please?

I am not sure, but maybe this is an option:

  <keycap function="other" otherfunction="...">PRIOR</keycap>

Invent your meaning for the otherfunction attribute.


Thomas Schraitle

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