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Subject: Re: [docbook] keycap vs keysym

Hi Dave,

On Montag, 24. September 2007, Dave Pawson wrote:
> [...]
> >> How might that be marked up?
> >
> >  <keycombo action="press">
> >     <keycap function="meta">M</keycap>
> >     <keycap function="control">Ctrl</keycap>
> >     <keycap>F1</keycap>
> >  </keycombo>
> Yes. I like that. Looks right to me! Thanks.
> Markus, I agree about Meta not being a 'key'... but

But why can I markup it in keycap with the "function" attribute? It looks 
right to me. :)

> in the emacs manuals I think it would be plain.
> Given that caveat, can you improve on Thomas' input above?
> >> M-x revert-buffer is another command.
> >
> >  <keycombo>
> >    <keycap function="meta">M</keycap>
> >    <keycap>x</keycap>
> >  </keycombo>
> >  <command>revert-buffer</command>
> Less sure about this. revert-buffer isn't a command...

I wasn't sure either. :) See also the next paragraph.

> This is why I mentioned <userinput>... except you
> can't have userinput within keycombo, so it would
> need to be external, i.e. not in the same wrapper.

This is probably a matter of interpretation. Some would 
see "revert-buffer" as a command, others as userinput. I interpreted the 
words as an Emacs command. :)

> Also, emacs has this idea that Meta X is written M-x
> Control X is written C-X to indicate that they
> are pressed together?

Use action="press" in keycombo. It seems the DocBook stylesheets use this 
as default.

> Is the hyphen 'styling' (i.e. introduce at the xslt stage?)
> Another example
> C-x w r    means  unhighlight-regexp
> <keycombo> seems wrong with the combinations?
> <keycombo>C-x</keycombo><userinput>w r</
> Still missing the wrapper.

Try this:

 <keycombo action="seq">
    <keycombo action="press">
      <keycap function="control">Ctrl</keycap>

After transformation it is shown as: Ctrl-x w r

> Is the content model wrong? I.e. allow CDATA within keycombo?

No, CDATA is not allowed inside keycombo. The content modell is:

  keycombo ::= ((keycap|keycombo|keysym|mousebutton)+)


Thomas Schraitle

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