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Subject: Re: [docbook] keycap vs keysym

Andy Smith wrote:
> On 24/09/2007, Dave Pawson <davep@dpawson.co.uk> wrote:
>> C-x w r    means  unhighlight-regexp
>> <keycombo> seems wrong with the combinations?
>> <keycombo>C-x</keycombo><userinput>w r</
> You can use the action attribute of keycombo to distinguish between
> sequences of keys and keys pressed together. So this could be written
> as:
>   <keycombo action="seq">
>     <keycombo action="simul">
>       <keycap function="control">Ctrl</keycap>
>       <keycap>x</keycap>
>     </keycombo>
>     <keycap>w</keycap>
>     <keycap>r</keycap>
>   </keycombo>

Yes, were I editing and had lots of time!
The .texi input is @kbd{M-x list-faces-display}
which isn't much help is it:-)

I guess a lot of xslt 2 regexing could
resolve it to an appropriate action attribute... but.

>   <phrase>
>     <keycombo action="simul">
>       <keycap action="meta">Meta</keycap>
>       <keycap>x</keycap>
>     </keycombo>
>     <function>revert-buffer</function>
>   </phrase>
> Although maybe there's a better wrapping element than phrase.

That was the query, whether the current model for keycombo
is adequate to cover this case.

  I used
> the function element for "revert-buffer" since it's an Emacs Lisp
> function, but maybe command or userinput would also be appropriate.

Function. Mmm. elisp command / function.

>> Also, emacs has this idea that Meta X is written M-x
>> Control X is written C-X to indicate that they
>> are pressed together?
>> Is the hyphen 'styling' (i.e. introduce at the xslt stage?)
> I'd say it is. Then you can use different style sheet settings or
> customisations depending on the conventions for the documentation
> you're producing. The key combination of control and X together could
> be written as "C-x", "Ctrl-X", "Control+X", "^X", etc and it seems to
> me that the markup should be the same and the rendering governed by
> the style sheet.
> Hope this helps,

Thanks Andy.

To be quite honest I can't come to a clear decision either way,
especially when generating it from a transform!


Dave Pawson
XSLT, XSL-FO and Docbook FAQ

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