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Subject: Few DocBook queries and DSSSL

Hi, I'm not sure if these questions are appropriate in this forum. I'm pretty
new to DocBook. I understood the concept well. I had a few questions.

I'm trying to make a HTML -> DocBook converter. Basically, it will take an
HTML file and try to generate DocBook content. I know it may sounds dumb but
thats what I'm trying to make. So how do I bring structure ( DocBook ) to an
unstructured document ( HTML )?

While I was learning about the formatting of the DocBook content I came
across DSSSL. I got many resources online but all of them have a very steep
learning curve. Are there any simple books / online tuts that I may have

One problem that I'm not able to solve is, I'm trying to change the way
title of my book is formatted. So I made a .dsl file and put the following

( element ( bookinfo title )
	( make paragraph
		font-family-name: "Times New Roman"
		space-before: 10pt
		space-after: 10pt
		font-size: 36pt
		( process-children )

But it simply doesn't show up. Infact the change reflects in all titles
except the cover page. The DocBook code is as follows:

<book id="my-new-book" lang="en">
      <title>This is the title of the book!</title>
      <date>12th August 2007</date>
      <releaseinfo>Released by test!</releaseinfo>
   <chapter id="chapter1">
      <title>This is a title of chapter 1</title>
      <sect1 id="sample-sect-1-1">
          <title>This is some text inside a section</title>
          <para>This is a para inside a section</para>
   <chapter id="chapter2">
      <title>This is a title of chapter 2</title>
      <sect1 id="sample-sect-1-2">
         <title>This is some text inside a section</title>
         <para>This is a para inside a section</para>
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