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Subject: invalid characters for ISO-8859-1 response

If I do the docbook -> xhtml transformation (v 4.4) I get invalid
characters for the chapter numbers in the output. If I change the
character encoding in the browser view from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 they
look ok.

I have to use ISO-8859-1 for now, because that's what the server sends
the response as...also, I'm unclear why there are special characters
at all in the output just to display chapter numbers:

<h2 class="title"><a id="reports"></a>Chapter?| 3.?| Reports</h2>

Note the "Chapter?|3.?|Reports" (this is from vim when I view the
source directly, I get the "A-hat" character when viewing source in
the browser.

How should I fix this problem, all I really need is a space..no
special character to represent "Chapter 3. Reports" should be needed

I tried changing the xml charset in the xml declaration, but that
didn't do anything.

Anthony Ettinger
Ph: 408-656-2473
var (bonita, farley) = new Dog;
farley.barks("very loud");
bonita.barks("at strangers");


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