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Subject: Re: [docbook] invalid characters for ISO-8859-1 response

On 10/31/07, Dave Pawson <davep@dpawson.co.uk> wrote:
> Anthony Ettinger wrote:
> > I would rather not have special characters in my source -- opening the
> > file with vi renders strange things.
> >
> > If it has to be a space, then it should be a literal space (in my
> > opinion) -- why a reference to a utf-8 character that is then
> > converted on the fly w/ xsl to the rendered space?
> Your definition of 'strange things' is possibly the visual
> presentation of a Unicode code point mapped via an available
> character set in your editor of choice.
> If you work it through from initial character generation
> to glyph presentation, it is likely to be what you want...
> hidden by the mysteries of non-ASCII characters.
> That's why Unicode makes so much sense IMHO.
> It removes the magic and ensures commonality
> end to end.
> Check it out!

I'm still confused though...why make a doc require UTF-8, when if I
just typed it out there would be no dependency.

Anthony Ettinger
Ph: 408-656-2473
var (bonita, farley) = new Dog;
farley.barks("very loud");
bonita.barks("at strangers");


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