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Subject: Re: [docbook] Current best practices for including Dublin Core metadatain DocBook?...

Dave Pawson wrote:

> [...]
>>> http://www.docbook.org/specs/cs-docbook-docbook-4.2.html
>>> Something like that section should be added back into the 5.0 spec.
>>    Thanks for pointing that out Bob.  Does anyone have any good
>>    examples of using elements from the dc: namespace directly in
>>    a DocBook 5.0 document?
> Do you simply want metadata in your docbook file, or must it be
> Dublin Core?
> I'm wondering if we listed the current v5 metadata if that would
> be enough for you?
> What specific dc: elements do you want?

   I will probably need to use the Dublin Core elements and
   not the DocBook equivalents.

   I can see this issue is starting to annoy people on the list,
   so please disregard my previous message and we can drop this
   discussion now.



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