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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: [docbook-apps] A sequence of tables ..

Hi David

> Since you're happy with simplesects, which look like sections except
> they don't chunk, I'm guessing that the main thing you want is that
> each use case not be on a separate chunk.

That's pretty much spot-on :-)

This is one of those specification documents that go into deeply nested
short numbered sections. Often the sections are just a paragraph (or
two), but they may contain tables and sometimes a bunch of subsections.
Marking it up as one enormous list isn't ideal, as the items need to be
in a ToC. And having sections that chunk into myriads of tiny pages
isn't nice either.

The one tricky bit I think is chunking this::


How would that look? Maybe like this::


        Section ToC

        simplesect1 title
        simplesect2 title
        subsection title
        simplesect3 title

    blah blah blah simplesect

    blah simplesect blah blah

    <a href="section.html">Subsection title</a>
        subsection abstract?

    simplesect blah blah blah

> So if there existed a processing instruction, <?dbhtml
> stop-chunking?>, that caused the xsls to stop chunking from that point
> on, you could do this:

That sounds like it could work, yes. It would require you to manually
toggle between chunking and not-chunking when you reach a fat section,
though. And you'd have to remember to update the PIs if you restructured
the document.

jean                                              . .. .... //\\\oo///\\

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