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Subject: Re: [docbook] On family/given/first/last names

My last comment on this thread.

Geraint North wrote:

> Absolutely (but I didn't know about the married name convention, 
> interesting).  This is why I think that the sorting of names is of very 
> limited use in electronic publications,

The rest of this sentance contradicts this, if you'll accept a slight
twist of terminology.

  as I, as a reader really need to
> search for the name fragment that I remember, because I don't know all 
> of these conventions.

Now view yourself as a publisher, publishing 'for yourself'.
Equally a journal publisher has his own 'I really need to search for 
'.... ideas.

I think docbook could help.

If the metadata is there along with the name parts, then
custom sorting could provide what is needed.  Either in
terms of presentation for visual media,
or in terms of xml for search.


Dave Pawson

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