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Subject: RE: Simply viewing DB

rob [mailto:ralarson@pacific.net] wrote:

> I came across a piece of free software documentation (and glad to  
> find any documentation at all besides source code!) that from the  
> file extension is SGML and from content of the first line is  
> apparently a DocBook document.  I tended to go cross-eyed, however,  
> when I tried to (human-) read the d___ thing.  Firefox shows 
> a giant,  
> undifferentiated and still partially marked-up blob of text.

A decent editor (we use Epic Editor) displays DocBook files in a
readable fashion.

An editor that would be even better IMO is one that saves the actual
lines of source markup in a readable format; i.e., as visually indented
and nested elements that are easy to follow when you open the file in a
text editor. I have yet to see any XML or HTML editor actually do that,
which is too bad since one of the design considerations of XML is
supposed to be that its readable even without a special editor.

Rob Cavicchio
Senior Technical Writer
EMC Captiva
EMC Corporation
10145 Pacific Heights Boulevard, 6th Floor
San Diego, CA 92121-4234

P: (858) 320-1208
F: (858) 320-1010
E: Cavicchio_Rob@emc.com

The opinions expressed in this message are my own and should in no way
be interpreted to reflect the opinions of EMC.

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