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Subject: Re: [docbook] article

On Thu, 6 Mar 2008, Agile Aspect wrote:

> Hi - I'm just getting started using DocBook - I wrote my resume 
> using the 'article' object.

I'd suggest http://xmlresume.sourceforge.net/, a DTD built for just 
this sort of thing.

> It looks alright - the <section> fonts are a little large compared 
> to the body text - but I'm hoping I can use XSL to adjust them 
> later.
> There is one problem, namely the table of contents.
> Is it possible to turn off the table of contents?

You want to set generate.toc to an empty string. If you're using 
xsltproc, the invocation is something like

   xsltproc --stringparam generate.toc '' [...]

Paul Heinlein <> heinlein@madboa.com <> http://www.madboa.com/

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