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Subject: RE: [docbook] <person> as opposed to <personname> in <author>

The author/personname is a property of the relation between an author
and a work in a specific context.

I don't know the discussion, but as a general observation, personname !=
person, and authors (as persons or organisations) tend to change most of
the properties that you know them by (including names) over time.
Authors may also at any one point in time be referred to by different
names, depending on context.

If you want to be able to refer to the actual person, you need a much
more elaborate mechanism. It is probably outside the scope of DocBook.

kind regards
Peter Ring

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Sent: 7. marts 2008 15:18
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Subject: [docbook] <person> as opposed to <personname> in <author>

I imagine this has been discussed, but was curious as to why 
<personname> and not <person> was a valid child of <author>. I suppose 
the same question would extend to <org> vs. <orgname> as a child of 


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