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Subject: [docbook] Correct markup for "et al" in biblioref


two thoughts:

1) your question suggests that you're about to confuse markup with
presentation. If you do not want the author list to appear in full in
your bibliography listing, you may be better off tweaking the
stylesheets rather than massaging the data. Of course there are
cases where you don't have the full author list in the first place. In
that case your markup may be as good as it gets.

2) author lists have an implicit logic, at least in science. The first
author (in the order listed on the publication) is usually the one who
has contributed most (blood and sweat), whereas the last one is
usually the one who was responsible, who tutored the first author, or
who happened to be the department head. Picking the first one sorted
alphabetically may break these implicit rules.


Richard Hamilton writes:
 > I'm doing a biblioentry for the Agile Manifesto, which has 17 authors
 > (at least:).  Rather than type them all in, I'd like to put in just the
 > first one (alphabetically), followed by "et al."
 > Right now, my markup looks like this:
 >   <biblioentry xml:id="AgileManifesto">
 >     <abbrev>AgileManifesto</abbrev>
 >     <author>
 >       <personname>
 >         <firstname>Kent</firstname>
 >         <surname>Beck</surname>
 >       </personname>
 >     </author>
 >     <author>
 >       <personname>et al</personname>
 >     </author>
 >     <title>The Agile Manifesto</title>
 >     <bibliosource class="uri">
 >       <link
 > xl:href="http://agilemanifesto.org";>http://agilemanifesto.org</link>
 >     </bibliosource>
 >   </biblioentry>
 > That renders acceptably, but does seem to be at least mild tag abuse.
 > Can anyone suggest a better way to mark this up?
 > Thanks,
 > Dick Hamilton
 > http://rlhamilton.net
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Markus Hoenicka
(Spam-protected email: replace the quadrupeds with "mhoenicka")

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