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Subject: Re: [docbook] XInlcude not working

Hi Eric,

On Dienstag, 1. Juli 2008, Johnson, Eric wrote:
> I am trying to move from Docbook 4 to Docbook 5, but am having trouble
> getting my xincludes to work...
> I've got
> <xi:include href="../common/mvnappx.xml" xpointer="ESBMavenAppxP1"/>
I'm not sure if this is correct. That looks odd to me.

> It will not resolve using Saxon.

I don't think Saxon supports XPointer directly. Maybe you have to use  
Xerces as an underlying XML parser.

> [...]
> The error I get is
> [java] org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Include operation failed,
> reverting to fallback. Resource error reading file as XML
> (href='../common/mvnappx.xml'). Reason
> : XPointer resolution unsuccessful.
> [...]
> What am I missing?

It's just a guess, but I've read somewhere you have to use an additional 
xpointer() and id() keyword:

 <xi:include href="../common/mvnappx.xml" 

If I remember correctly, I used this notation with xmllint. If Saxon or 
any of your tools doesn't like XPointers, you can still use xmllint and 
resolve it with this tool. After you've created a single file you can 
apply your additional steps.

There is also a very useful section in Bobs book, see

Note: XPointer consists of several specifications and not all are a 
recommendation. Depending on your tool, not everything may be implemented 

Maybe this helps,

Thomas Schraitle

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