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Subject: Re: [docbook] Xinclude processing with docbook 5

Hi Eric,

On Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2008, Johnson, Eric wrote:
> What xinclude processing tools are people using with docbook 5?
> I'm using the latest xerces with saxon and as soon as I switched from
> using the namespace unaware stylesheets to the namespace aware
> stylesheets my xpointer references stopped resolving.

Have you tried it with xmlns()? Something like this:

 <xi:include href="..."
               xpointer(/db:chapter/db:title)" />

I'm not sure if it works with Xerces. 

> Using oXygen 9.2, the xpointers resolve nicely but I need something
> that can run outside the editor for batch processing.

I use mainly xmllint for XInclude processing. You can use it outside your 
editor too. Luckily, xmllint is available for Linux and Windows. See 
http://xmlsoft.org/ for more information.


Thomas Schraitle

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