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Subject: post v5.0 NS and schemata

Hello, I'm working on a system developed in Java that needs to
validate its XML files,
mostly docbook XML ones, using JARV (http://iso-relax.sourceforge.net/JARV/)
to perform validation according to DTD/Schema (W3C, RNG, Trex, others,
check its home page).
JARV basically needs the doc and dtd/schema URIs.

I've found out that 'not all XML files are created equal' and in
DocBook's case I have to support
v4.x and v5.0 ones, and hopefully future (v5.1?) ones too.

After a small chat with dpawson (thx!) on IRC I've learnt that I can
safely rely on db4.x files not to use
NSes, having a DOCTYPE pointing on its system ID directly to the DTD
URI. However, for db5 files
all I have is a NS declaration, and not the URI of the schema itself.
So I was wondering how to do
to discern among different versions of db5+ docs to pass JARV the
correct schema URI.

So, my algorithm's intelligence has to go for NS db5+ docs, I hope the
DB committe defines 5.1
(or whatever version it will be) in a SIMILAR way to db5.0... so it's
easy to build up the schema URI
with the base NS and the value of the (hopefully mandatory) version
attribute of the root element.

That's my request: please define db5.x versions in a way that's not
too hard for automated tools
to guess the correct schema to validate db5.x docs against, thank you
in advance.

Fabián Mandelbaum
IS Engineer

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