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Subject: Re: [docbook] Docbook 5 DTD questions

Kate.Wringe@sybase.com wrote:

> 1)I am assuming that further 
> processing refers to using the XSLT stylesheets - is this
> correct?

Yes, it is always better to validate your input before processing, 
because invalid output can result in corrupted output.

> 2) What is the best way to customize both the Relax NG Schema and 
> the DTD? Is it possible to customize the Relax NG schema
> and then run a script to create the corresponding DTD?

Yes. In SVN repository on SourceForge there is complete set of scripts 
that are used for building customized version of schema and then for 
converting it into DTD. However setup and usage of those scripts is far 
from easy and user-friendly.



> 3)Are there any instructions for customizing the Docbook 5 DTD? The 
> instructions in the Transition Guide and the Definitive Guide are
> for the Relax NG schema. For example, how can I remove an element?
> For example, I've been trying to remove the footnote element using the 
> following, but this does not appear to work:

DTD for DocBook 5.0 is not suitable for customizing because it is not 
using parametric entities as DTDs for previous version of DocBook. You 
have to express your customization in RELAX NG (which is of magnitude 
easier then in DTD) and then convert this customized schema to DTD if 
you need DTD for legacy application.

At the same time I suggest you to ask your vendor for RELAX NG support. 
If this will do more people there is higher chance that there will be 
RELAX NG support added to the tool.

   Jirka Kosek      e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz      http://xmlguru.cz
        Professional XML consulting and training services
   DocBook customization, custom XSLT/XSL-FO document processing
  OASIS DocBook TC member, W3C Invited Expert, ISO JTC1/SC34 member

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