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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: Policy on backwards incompatible changes

Justus-bulk@Piater.name wrote:
> Are backwards-incompatible changes really that destructive? Nobody
> forces anyone to upgrade their documents. One can easily install
> multiple versions of DocBook schemas in parallel. In contrast,
> maintaining multiple versions of stylesheets (to customize) is a pain.

Agreed, if you do it knowingly.
It's doing it without realising that *can* be a pain.
Even then only if you happen to use a feature lost/changed in the upgrade.

> It seems to me that the real issue, rather than incompatible schema
> changes, concerns long-term support commitments to docbook constructs
> in the stylesheets.

Equally possible.

> Thus, allow DocBook to move along at a reasonable pace, but commit to
> supporting DocBook constructs in the stylesheets for some time after
> they are phased out or changed.

I don't think that's even up for discussion is it?
The stylesheets aren't part of the Oasis spec.

> (However, this may occasionally require explicit triggering of
> old-style behavior through stylesheet parameters etc...)

And even more of a headache for Bob!


Dave Pawson

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