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Subject: Re: [docbook] Furthering support for "existing standards"

Tony Rogers wrote:

> And then I thought: 
>    1. "Well, since the <author> element contains contact info for a
>       person or an organization, and 
>    2. the VCard standard contains contact information for a person or
>       organization, 
>    3. wouldn't it be great if I could just put all the authors / editors
>       / etc. in one directory as Vcards and then put something like
>       <author vcard="doe.john.vcf" /> in the DocBook source?"

... but, why would you want to Tony?
Isn't XML good enough?

vcard isn't exactly standardised, nor does it suffice
for those want 'Herr Dr Von ....' and various
other forms of formal address?


Dave Pawson

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