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Subject: Re: [docbook] Help with paragraph numbering

Lars Strand wrote:
> I'm currently underway to translate a huge document. This document uses 
> paragraph-numbering. The numbering is on form "0:0.2" "0:0.3" etc.
> I've looked over the Docbook documentation, and searched the net - but 
> the closes thing I find is line-numbering.
> Does Docbook support paragraph numbering? I've tried with
> <para id="0:0:2">
> But then xmllint complains.

id values must not start with a number.

  So now I just manually type in the paragraph
> number for each paragraph like this:
> <para>
> 0:0.2 Here is the text....
> </para>
> Can this be solved in any other way? Any advise/hint would be greatly 
> appreciated!

How is the number built up?

chapter:page:para or something like that?

XSLT (separate pass) could number all the paras within a chapter, 
starting with zero, see xslt http://www.w3.org/TR/xslt#number

So with a little string concatenation you should be able to
get something like

id='n:3:23' for chapter 3, 23rd para.
If the paras are page numbered though, it will only work if you
have some markup for the page boundaries?

Otherwise you'd have a lot of manual work to do



Dave Pawson

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