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Subject: DocBook SCs (was: marking up a play)

Scott Hudson wrote:
> There isn't a "play" element, but we've added dialogue and poetry.
> Take a look at those and the samples.

First I'd heard that there was a DocBook subcommittee(s?) for other 
kinds of documents.  I went to what I guess is the webpage for this 

(there's a page at www.oasis-open.org/committees/, but it seems to be 
more general than DocBook).  The above page looks to be rather out of 
date (next meeting is 2 May last year, and the links to the SC Charter 
and the FAQ are broken).  Then there's
which talks about "official DocBook variant_s_" (emphasis mine).  Where 
are the other variants described, and is there a timeframe for them?

Where can I go to find out more?  The mailing list archives require a 
SourceForge account to view them, which I suppose I can create, but 
which seems superfluous for read-only access.

I'll also mention that one of the things that bothers me about the 
current DocBook is that it seems to be so oriented towards computer 
documentation.  Of course one can pare it down, but I wonder why all 
those computer-related tags in there in the first place, instead of in 
one or more separate add-in modules?  In other words, I would like to 
use DB for my purpose (grammar writing) by taking a bare-bones DB and 
adding any modules I might need, rather than taking a "fat" DB and 
modifying my local schema to omit all the tags I don't need.

Along these lines, the Scope of Work on the SC webpage mentions *adding* 
"support for features specific to the publishing industry."  My personal 
hope is that these additions stay in add-in modules, rather than 
increasing the size of the existing DB standard.

Of course maybe I misunderstand, and my doubts are being addressed in 
some other way.
    Mike Maxwell
    "We signify something too narrow when we say:
    Man is a grammatical animal. For although there
    is no animal except man with a knowledge of grammar,
    yet not every man has a knowledge of grammar."
    --Martianus Capella, "The Seven Liberal Arts"

P.S. Scott: I may be old, but I don't take a metal detector to the 
beach. Yet.

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