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Subject: Re: marking up a play

1) We didn't have any specific submissions for our consideration, but 
would love to address those if you can provide examples!

2) I used an XSLT to convert Jon Bosak's Shakespeare XML examples to the 
  Publishers markup. The remap attribute captures the original element 
name for reference or for re-conversion if necessary.

Best regards,


Dieter Baron wrote:
> hi,
>> we are adding support for this in the Publishers schema (currently under development by the DocBook SC for Publishers). It hasn't been formally approved yet, but you can find samples and the DocBook v5-based schema here:
>> http://docbook.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/docbook/trunk/docbook/relaxng/publishers/
>> If you have any suggestions or changes, we'd appreciate any feedback!
>   Thank's, that looks like what I'm after.
>   Two quick questions:
> -) Are there any examples for plays that use prose text (as opposed to
>     verses)?
> -) What are all the remap attributes in the examples for?
>                                                 yours,
>                                                 dillo

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