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Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook SCs

Hi Mike,

I don't mind at all :-)

We worked with Norm Walsh to define what the "core DocBook" set of 
elements should be, and what elements should be defined in a hardware 
module, software module, publishing module (after all what software docs 
need poems?), etc.

Norm had already organized the schemas a fair amount in this direction, 
and we helped to formalize it a bit. The new DocBook v5.0 schemas are 
designed with this modularity in mind, and allows new modules to be 
defined either with custom modules or as future committee developments.

That's the beauty of RelaxNG. It makes it so much easier to provide and 
manage this modularity.

If you could all do me a favor and tap your favorite XML Editor vendor 
and make sure they add support for RelaxNG (full and compact syntax) 
validation, it would go a long way. I've tried pinging them, and they 
say there's just not enough customer demand yet. IMO, it's time to start 
demanding! If we can get better tool support, it will be much easier for 
folks to build their custom modules and incorporate official modules to 
support the content they need to produce!

Best regards,


> As I mentioned in my original posting, this is what I have already done.
> But that probably makes my core subset different from someone else's core
> subset, while they could (and I believe should) be the same.  Everything
> else can and should be this or that module--a module for grammars, a
> module for software documentation, including a way to use some of those
> additional tags in more than one module.  (I use literate programming tags
> in my grammars; I can imagine a software documenter wanting to do the
> same, and our use of those literate programming tags should be the same.)
> (BTW, I found Scott Hudson's comments on my earlier posting very helpful,
> and it sounds like he and I are thinking along the same lines--I hope
> Scott doesn't mind my saying that.)
>    Mike Maxwell
>    CASL/ U MD
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