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Subject: Re: [docbook] marking up a play

Hudson, Scott wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback. Now, what to call it? drama? (what if it's a comedy?) play? script?

<drama> which is the general definition as per dictionary. role 
attribute available if needed.

> I think the part level sounds intriguing, section makes sense. Both? Preference?

Confusion? With current docbook part? What semantics did you have?
Or did you mean to have 'drama' at the same docbook hiearchical level as 

I'd seek advice on this one. Norm?

> Any additional markup needed to support it? We intentionally left out dramatis personae and stagedir, 
as other markup could be used for the same purpose.

What are you proposing?
personae (sp?) is a needed wrapper?

Nothing at http://wiki.docbook.org/topic/PublishersMinimalElements  that 
strikes me as clear for
<para> A right tart</

It is a bit 'peculiar' to a play Scott?

As is stage direction, for multi para content?

<para role='direction'> seems viable, but already overladen?


Dave Pawson

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