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Subject: Re: [docbook] marking up a play

Nic Gibson wrote:

>> How did you mark up the cast of characters?
> I was vaguely glossing over that as we have a <cast> element which
> contains <role> elements and our experience with conversions so far
> suggests that we have it fairly wrong so I'm currently open to
> suggestions on how to do this well as well as rethinking our current
> schema.
> Also, cast is not the same as the list of characters (many of our
> texts list 'the cast of the first performance')

Cast? 'Characters appearing in the play?

Agreed 'the cast of the first performance' is different (though
only by time?), but for the more general one, what markup did you
use? Any example please?

I'm thinking of a typical play script where each role
has a name and a comment or two?


Dave Pawson

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