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Subject: Re: [docbook] marking up a play

2008/10/29 Dave Pawson <davep@dpawson.co.uk>:
> Nic Gibson wrote:
>>> How did you mark up the cast of characters?
>> I was vaguely glossing over that as we have a <cast> element which
>> contains <role> elements and our experience with conversions so far
>> suggests that we have it fairly wrong so I'm currently open to
>> suggestions on how to do this well as well as rethinking our current
>> schema.
>> Also, cast is not the same as the list of characters (many of our
>> texts list 'the cast of the first performance')
> Cast? 'Characters appearing in the play?
> Agreed 'the cast of the first performance' is different (though
> only by time?), but for the more general one, what markup did you
> use? Any example please?
> I'm thinking of a typical play script where each role
> has a name and a comment or two?

Here's the first two characters from Hamlet*:

<pbl:cast xml:id="ham0000695">

 <pbl:role xml:id="ham0000698">
  <personblurb xml:id="ham0000699">
   <para xml:id="ham0000700">of Hamlet, lately King of Denmark</para>

 <pbl:role xml:id="ham0000701">
  <personblurb xml:id="ham0000702">
   <para xml:id="ham0000703">his brother, now of Denmark</para>




* this took much longer than expected and I now need to have words
with a couple of data converters who marked up the cast list as a
Nic Gibson
Director, Corbas Consulting
Editorial and Technical Consultancy

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