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Subject: Re: [docbook] Auto numbering lists


>    <variablelist>
>      <varlistentry role="REC">
>        <term>REC-XX</term>

I missed the original post (I just joined the list), so sorry if I'm
saying silly things, but are you planning on referencing those REC-XX
entries in the rest of the text it any way? Because you may be able to
automatically assign numbers, but if you are referring to them from
within the text explicitly (i.e. not through <xrefs>, but by typing
'REC-08'), then you'll break the text's consistency once you insert a
REC entry somewhere in the middle (which I assume you were planning to
do, if you're going through the trouble of auto-numbering). So you'll
need to be able to handle <xrefs> to entries as well I think. Else,
you're safer off numbering the RECs yourself, and renumbering them
'manually' through search&replace (you can probably script this, if
you know script languages).


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