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Subject: Re: [docbook] man page examples?

Hi Gergely,

> @2008-11-27 11:52 +0100:
> do you know docbook sources of man pages on the web? There is the
> reference on docbook.org which provides the tags but it would be nice
> to learn from examples. I use xmlto to create the man pages.

Take a look through the various Makefiles in the following tree:


The actual DocBook XML sources aren't checked in there, but you
can find URLs there that'll tell you where the sources are.
Projects that are using DocBook XML refentry source and the
manpages stylesheet to generate their man pages include the clisp
docs, shadow tools, Debian apt utils, and bind9 docs. (The git
maintainers also indirectly use the manpages stylesheet, but their
sources in "asciidoc".)


Michael(tm) Smith

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