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Subject: DocBook Reference Description


I should write one article to tell the people how to understand the tags in DocBook 5. 

I saw the RelaxNG on the website: http://www.relaxng.org/tutorial-20011203.html 

I do not have time now to learn RelaxNG. I guess it is not necessary. I guess it would be helpful enough, if I can tell the people how to understand the docBook reference.

On one website I saw the the reference for the tag "chapter": 

chapter — A chapter, as of a book
chapter ::=    
•	Sequence of: 
o	One of: 
	Sequence of: 
•	Interleave of: 
o	title
o	titleabbrev?
o	subtitle?
•	info? (db.titleforbidden.info)
	info (db.titlereq.info)
o	Sequence of: 
	Zero or more of: 
•	bibliography
•	glossary
•	index
•	toc
	One of: 
•	Sequence of: 
o	One or more of: 
	annotation
	bridgehead

It is a pity, that the text can not be correctly coded and corrctly shown. Please go the website and see what I mean: http://www.docbook.org/tdg5/en/html/chapter.html 

My question is: are there some descriptions about how to read this? For example: “?” means probably “optional”? 

I think the above Synopsis is for DocBook 5. Right?

 I think the following Synopsis is DTD and it is not for the standard DocBook 5, right?
( http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/documentation/reference/html/chapter.html ) 

Chapter ::=
… … … … 



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