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Subject: Re: [docbook] Bridgehead alternatives

Hi again!

What we'd like to do is go through and tag our docs with DITA-like tags. We don't want to necessarily move to DITA but we'd like
to mimic some of the DITA content analysis. Our plan, at the moment, is to use the remap attribute to tag the content as concept, task, and reference.
Within any sectn we can have content, usually divided by bridgeheads, that needs to be tagged as concept, task, or reference. That is, we can't simply
tag our information at the sectn level. The  problem that we are running into is how to tag the content that is within our bridgeheads. We need a tag that will
 contain the bridgehead and the content underneath it.

Simplesect appeals to me because it is different from sect1, sect2, sect3, sect4. Our writers would only have to switch from using bridgeheads to using the simplesect tag.
We could use a sect2 with a role and change the css in our XML editor (which is currently XMetaL but we are also looking at Oxygen) so that the sect2 with the role looked like the old
bridgeheads but it doesn't seem ideal to me.

I think that there is a difference between docbook versions 4.2 and 5.0 in how simplesects and sect1s are allowed to exist.
In 4.2, from my understanding (and please correct me!),  in a sect1 you can have

((refentry)*|  zero or more refeintry OR
sect2*|simplesect*))|  zero or more sect2 OR zero or more simplesect OR
refentry)+| one or more refentry OR
sect2+|simplesect+)one or more sect2 OR one or more simplesect AND ..

That is, in version 4.2 you can't have a simplesect followed by a sect2; you can either have

However, in version 5, it appears that within a sect1 you can have simplesects followed by sect2s.

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