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Subject: Re: [docbook] w3.org won't serve DTD imbedded in Docbook generatedoutput - but only to IE

Why the DOCTYPE is output: subtleties aside, you're targeting XHTML
output, and strict XHTML conformance requires the doctype declaration.
Subtleties not aside, this probably doesn't cause a problem under the
most common circumstances when one's output is served *as* XHTML.

(IIUC, you need to do tricksy things with MIME types and client-side 
XSLT for IE to handle MathML).

So, the short version is, if you absolutely don't want the doctype 
declaration in the output, you'll either have to edit your base 
stylesheets or post-process your output to strip the doctype declaration 

Some conjecture:  I'm going to guess that the IE team is not the sort of
cartoon supervillain that would have its product try to fetch the W3C's 
XHTML DTD over the network on every page view.  *Presumably*, there's 
some logic in IE that detects that it's dealing with a standard 
HTML-family DTD, and uses some local version of it instead of trying to 
fetch it. The standard piece of software that serves this purpose is 
called a catalog resolver.

The question then, is why isn't IE 7 using its internal
catalog-resolver-or-whatever on your document? I'm gonna guess it's
because your web server is telling browsers that the document at


has the text/xml MIME type; it's possible that IE7's 
catalog-resolver-or-whatever *only* kicks in when it 'smells' (X)HTML 
(Firefox, I'm going to guess, uses a catalog resolver that is invoked 
even under these circumstances).

So you might try outputting that document with an .html extension
instead of .xml; perhaps the MathML stuff won't work, but you should see
if it at least solves the DTD problem.  If both are solved, then great.

If only the "DTD not fetched" problem is solved, then you can try one
of the "change the base stylesheets" or "do some post-processing" routes.




Jon Leech wrote:
 > > Grosso, Paul wrote:
 >> >> This has nothing to do with docbook.
 >> >>
 >> >> Send email to webmaster@w3.org for something like this.
 >> >>
 >> >> But your application probably shouldn't be trying to
 >> >> retrieve a resource at that URL.
 > >
 > >     It's not something we explicitly put in the source XML; it's
 > > a consequence of the Docbook 4.3 processing chain using
 > >
 > > http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/xml/mathml/1.1CR1/dbmathml.dtd
 > >
 > > so if it's affecting our documents, it's probably affecting other
 > > people using Docbook as well.
 > >
 >> >> If everyone always
 >> >> hit the W3C server every time they did anything with
 >> >> XHTML it would be a disaster, and most likely what
 >> >> you are seeing is the result of some code put in by
 >> >> the W3C webmaster to prevent just this.
 > >
 > >     I guess I'm wondering why the Docbook stylesheet distribution
 > > seems to be setup to cause this to happen, then.
 > >
 > >     Jon
 > >
 > >
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Adam Constabaris
Digital Library Programmer
Carolina Digital Library and Archives
322G Wilson Library

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