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Subject: Avoiding "Synopsis" duplication?


well, here's the problem I have. I thought I would build a
<classsynopsis> serving as a TOC for the publically documented
methods, with each method name xref-ing to a refentry. It's just that
I like to see what kind of input/output a method has to determine
which entry might be the most appropiate to click on, instead of
having to guess by the names.

Now, the problem is that I have to copy&paste the methodsynopsis from
the refentry into the classsynopsis; I've tried giving the
methodsynopsis an xml:id and just making an xref with a linkend
pointing to the refentry and an endterm pointing to that
methodsynopsis, but that ends up being not displayed at all (compiling
to HTML right now).

I.e. this doesn't seem to do the trick:

  <xref linkend="mymethod" endterm="mymethod_synopsis"></xref>


<refentry xml:id="mymethod">
    <methodsynopsis xml:id="mymethod_synopsis">

So I guess xref-endterm doesn't work as a macro-type thing :-)

I've also seen a synopfragment/synopfragmentref, but according to
the docbook reference these are only for the cmdsynopsis.

Is there another option? I could just copy&paste --- of course.  I
could also put every synopsis into its own file and use it as an
entity. I could even write a little preprocessor that does the
copy&paste for me. I could give up the idea to have a "TOC" that looks
like the class, and just stick to the standard TOC that just lists the
method names [btw, when I add a refentry into a chapter I get a TOC
that lists all the refentries... is there a way to disable that? Or
at least move it to a different place within the chapter, such
as AFTER the text that tries to outline what the class is meant
to do... but yes I know, this is a docbook-apps thing ].

But before doing any of these, I'd like to know whether I missed


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