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Subject: Always use most specific markup?

Should one always use the most specific markup available? For 
example, sometimes it may be conceivable to use 'systemitem' 
instead of 'filename', 'envar', or 'function'.

Sometimes, even, there is no more specific markup available than 
'systemitem'. When I write a document where I am forced to use 
'systemitem' in many places (since there is nothing more specific 
available), it might seem unproportional to be so very specific 
as 'filename', 'envar', etc. in other places, unless it is clear 
that this specific markup serves a purpose.

The Simplified Docbook Project looked as if it could offer some 
guidance concerning such questions, but unfortunately it seems to 
be no longer maintained. It would in general be good to have more 
documentation and public discussion on how to use Docbook markup 
appropriately for different purposes. Maybe we can spur some 
development in that direction.

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