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Subject: RE: [docbook] RE: Always use most specific markup?

Lasse Kliemann wrote:

> In an off-list answer, the following broader question was 
> proposed as a basis for discussion: "should one use inline markup 
> at all?" That made me think (not for the first time, though) 
> about why I use inline markup. Here is a list of my most 
> important applications of inline markup:

I find it bizarre that DocBook even makes a distinction between "block"
and "inline" elements. Whether something appears as block or inline is
just formatting. I don't think there should be, for example, an
"inlinemediaobject" element any more than there should be a "bold"

So to your point, to me the question is not whether something is inline,
but whether it is semantically distinct from what's around it, and
whether that distinction is something that's useful for you to capture
for any reason (formatting being a valid reason, but just one of many
possible reasons).

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