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Subject: Inline book reference info

Hello all

I have this:

   John Holt said:

     "Of course, a child may not know what he may need to know in ten 
years (who does?), but he knows, and much better than anyone else, what 
he wants and needs to know right now, what his mind is ready and hungry 
for.  If we help him, or just allow him, to learn that, he will remember 
it, use it, build on it."
     - <citetitle pubwork="book">Teach Your Own: a hopeful path for 
education</citetitle> (Brightlingsea: Lighthouse Books, 1981, p. 60)

Technically I suspect it's a bit wrong really to have the attribution 
inside the blockquote, but I'm happy with it as a separate paragraph in 
the same colours as the blockquote.  (and I'm the only one who's ever 
likely to see this markup, so while I personally would like it to make 
sense, it's not going to break anything to have it technically wrong :-) )

What I'm not happy with yet is the default font for the publisher, 
publishing year and page number.  Is there a wrapper which would fit 
neatly around all of those and produce an HTML class tag by which I 
could address it from a CSS stylesheet?  because I'd like them - 
including the brackets - to come out a bit smaller than the rest of it.

I've looked briefly through lots of things like biblioref and reference 
and bibliosource.  But they all either seem to be for completely 
different things or else they say "Processing expectations:  Suppressed. 
Many of the elements in this wrapper may be used in presentation, but 
they are not generally printed as part of the formatting of the wrapper. 
It merely serves to identify where they occur."

So not sure if there is a thing and I'm missing it through 
unfamiliarity, or if there just isn't one.

Thanks in advance for any clues!



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