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Subject: literal element db v5

I'm transforming from a 'visual' markup language (a wiki)
and I've come across 'monospace' as markup.

My best guess docbook 5 equivalent would be literal.
In order to not lose the semantics, I want looking
for the role attribute. literal has common
attributes, but role isn't one of them?

yet in the xi schema I see
   <define name="db.literal.role.attribute">
       <attribute name="role"/>
     <define name="db.literal.attlist">
           <ref name="db.literal.role.attribute"/>
         <ref name="db.common.attributes"/>
         <ref name="db.common.linking.attributes"/>
     <define name="db.literal">
       <element name="literal">
         <a:documentation>Inline text that is some literal 
         <ref name="db.literal.attlist"/>
         <ref name="db._text"/>

Is this a docbook omission?


Dave Pawson

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