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Subject: Proposal: Formation of DocBook SubCommittee for eLearning



As with the DocBook SubCommittee for Publishers,

the OASIS DocBook Technical Committee has authorized the

formation of subcommittees for the purpose of creating official

customization layers to support the needs of various domains. These

customizations are officially "DocBook variants", but also drive

requirements back to core DocBook.


We have a tremendous opportunity to support the future of education with

 the formation of a DocBook SubCommittee for eLearning.


The charter for this SC may include support for:


- Enabling creation of Online Learning and Technical Training

- SCORM-compliant output

- Other forms of educational publications (such as textbooks)


The charter will NOT include support for:


- layout-intensive publishing


 The first step is to gather interested parties via the


<mailto:docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org> list and from industry contacts.


 With three or more interested parties, the following guideline has been established at OASIS:


 "If you're planning on starting up a subcommittee, there's no need to

create a discussion list -- typically that's done to tighten up scope,

etc. before submitting a charter for a new Technical Committee.


All that's necessary to get started is to organize the respective

interested parties, put together a statement of work, and submit it to

the TC for approval. And someone needs to volunteer to take on the role

of chair. Of course all participants need to be OASIS members."


I see this as a tremendous opportunity for those in the DocBook community who are

interested in producing eLearning content and for those already using

DocBook for technical publications, but some other solution for

education content. Adopters will also be able to take advantage of the

robust tool and community support that DocBook already enjoys. It's also

a tremendous opportunity for DocBook to garner additional industry adoption.


In fact, an enterprising DocBook user has already donated a DocBook to

SCORM open source project (docbook2scorm) on Google Code, which has had

730 downloads to date. This demonstrates a strong interest in using

DocBook for eLearning, even though DocBook currently does not provide

explicit support for it!


The subcommittee effort would provide additional content models as part

of the official DocBook variant to provide a much more rich eLearning



Please let me know if you are interested in participating in this effort.


Thanks and best regards,





Scott Hudson


Senior XML Architect


+1 (303) 542-2146  |  Office

+1 (720) 663-SCOT [7268]  |  Gvoice







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