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Subject: Transclusion

Hello world,

There's an open RFE about transclusion


The TC's initial position was to push back, suggesting that the right
technology for the task is XInclude.

Unforunately, XInclude isn't a complete solution because getting the
content transcluded doesn't solve the entire problem. And it doesn't
help that the the standardized XPointer schemes are fairly brittle.

The TC would like to collect a set of use cases and requirements for
transclusion. Here are the requirements that I can think of (with help
From the comments in the REF).

1. Transclusion can introduce duplicate xml:id values. It should be
possible to specify a strategy for changing xml:id values in the
transcluded content so that this is not the case.

2. Using the XInclude framework and element schemes, it's only
possible to transclude a single element. It should be possible to
specify ranges, at least ranges of sibling elements.

3. The XInclude framework and element schems are a little bit brittle.
Are there more robust schemes that we could encourage implementors to

What other requirements are there?

                                        Be seeing you,

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http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | great ones.--Thomas Fuller (II)
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