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Subject: RE: [docbook] ePub converter

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Keith Fahlgren [mailto:abdelazer@gmail.com]
> Sent: Sunday, January 03, 2010 5:40 PM
> To: Boris Schäling
> Cc: docbook@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: Re: [docbook] ePub converter

Hi Keith, 

> [...] 
> Interesting. I think that I tried to write it in a platform
> independent manner, but I have not tested it on Windows. Do you get
> the same error if you run it in the article\ folder itself?

I managed to fixed it by replacing ' with \". Line 120 and 124 now look like

entity_collapse_command = "xmllint --loaddtd --noent -o
\"#{collapsed_file}\" \"#{@docbook_file}\""
xinclude_collapse_command = "xmllint --xinclude -o \"#{collapsed_file}\"

The next problem I ran into was: 

C:/Dokumente und Einstellungen/Boris/Eigene
`render_to_epub': Could not render as .epub to index.epub (cd
C:/DOKUME~1/Boris/LOKALE~1/Temp/.epubtmp1262561990.13876 && xsltproc
--stringparam chunk.quietly 1 --stringparam callout.graphics.path
images/callouts/ --stringparam callout.graphics.number.limit 15
--stringparam callout.graphics.extension .png --stringparam base.dir OEBPS/
--stringparam epub.metainf.dir META-INF/ --stringparam epub.oebps.dir OEBPS/
"C:/Dokumente und Einstellungen/Boris/Eigene
Dateien/Highscore/docbook-xsl-ns-1.75.2/epub/docbook.xsl" "C:/Dokumente und
Einstellungen/Boris/Desktop/article/.collapsed.index.xml") (RuntimeError) 

The script wants to change to a temp directory to invoke xsltproc. However
'cd' really wants backslashes here (quickly tested with a hardcoded path;
not sure how to fix this in Ruby). 

That's it! Then I got the index.epub file (but have to find out next how to
use it :-). 


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