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Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook - a success story?

On 19/01/10 21:24, wolfgang haefelinger wrote:
> What I'm missing is an easy way to convert DocBook in lot's of 'end
> user' formats like PDF, Plain Text, Wiki markup, Word, Open Office,
> ... PDF was rather easy, true. But I could have done the same with
> plain TeX and Text I would have got with one of the many TeX =>  Text
> converters available. In the Wiki case, I need both ways: DocBook to
> Wiki and Wiki to DocBook.

So the ones you wrote were a mix of success and failure.
You couldn't find free ones for the arbitrary list of formats
you want.

Summary, docbook is a failure?
    How much are you prepared to pay for these 'missing' conversions?
It sounds to me as if that's the route you should take. I'm sure
there are people on this list who could help you.

>> Is your xslt script posted anywhere?
> Probably just to specialized.... Can publish them if you are curious.

So despite using this open source software, you won't share your 
software? OK.

Your critique doesn't stand up Wolfgang.


Dave Pawson

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