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Subject: ePub: Title page missing and ToC in spine?

More questions about the ePub converter: 

* ePub files contain a XHTML file for the title page (the one generated by
the DocBook style sheets anyway) but the file isn't referenced anywhere. As
far as I see the title page is currently useless? It would be nice of course
if the title page was referenced in the <manifest>, <spine> and <guide>
sections in content.opf? 

* The <spine> section refers to the table of contents file generated by the
style sheet. As the table of contents is written to toc.ncx anyway I wonder
why the XHTML version of the table of contents is included in the <spine>
section. Is it good style? Even the linear attribute is explicitly set to
yes? It would be nice if there was at least a parameter epub.toc.linear
supported (similar to epub.cover.linear) to set the attribute to no? 


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