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Subject: Re: [docbook] Entities vs olinks

On 28/01/10 22:51, Kate.Wringe@sybase.com wrote:
> We need to tie our software resource-strings ( e.g., the strings that
> contain the text used in dialogs, windows, etc.,)  to our documentation
> but we can't use entities. Any suggestions?
> The problem we discovered with entities is that our translation software
> is unable to display the entity values (unlike our XML authoring
> software-oXygen).
> So, our translators are forced to work with the entity names (e.g.,
> &ml_oracle_driver; ) instead of the entity values (iAnywhere Solutions 12
> - Oracle ODBC driver). As
> you can imagine, this severely limits the number of entities we can have
> in our documentation.

If you can use entities, surely you could use xInclude? Just more
to write for the authors.... unless you use entities to expand
the xInclude as a pre-processing step prior to handing the document
over to the translators?

Another one - review the tool the translators are using.


Dave Pawson

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