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Subject: Including multiple elements


Is there a clean way to put multiple elements to include in a document
into one file?

For example, I have the following toplevel file:
At the place of the [...], I want to insert a generated
<programlisting/> and <calloutlist/> (which belong together, and
therefore are generated in one file). I'm currently doing it like
    <include xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude";
Where programlisting.xml looks like this:

The drawbacks are that
a) The dummy 'foo' element is ugly
b) this uses xpointer, which not all processors support

I was hoping I could replace <foo/> by some container element like
<div/> in HTML, such that I could xinclude the whole document, but
there is no such element in DocBook AFAIK.

Is there a cleaner alternative (except for splitting both up into 2 files)?


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