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Subject: Fwd: [docbook] any plans to release 4.5 and 5.0 jars to Maven repository

Just to give you all a heads-up in case anyone else asks, yes, the docbkx maven plugin works with DocBook 5.

I set its dependency for it to the following Maven XML snippet:


instead of what the documentation for the plugin has, which was:


That's all I needed to do.

If you were wanting to use DocBook 4.5 instead of 4.4 you'd have to use the Sonatype repository at


to get it. Its maven coordinates are docbook:docbook-xml:4.5:jar should you need that.

By the way...

I'm working on a maven plugin to take the HTML produced by the docbkx plugin and run it through Velocity to put Doxia-like header, footer, and navigation elements around the document body contents. It will also substitute maven project properties. This makes the DocBook documentation fit better with the normal maven site generated documentation without removing all the good DocBook formatting the way Doxia like to do.

It's pretty preliminary and rough, but it currently does what I need. See the site documentation for the Sea Glass Look and Feel for Swing at


and the DocBook source at


for examples. If you're interested you can look at the maven POM at


The plugin info is at



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