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Subject: GSoC 2010 - Integration of BoostBook with DocBook


I have submitted the proposal for GSoC, titled as: "Integration of BoostBook with DocBook". This project is proposed by Stefan Seefeld. Please find the abstract below:

"BoostBook is a part of Boost project and provides the mechanism for documentation of C++ libraries. The existing implementation of BoostBook is based on the data type definition (DTD) format. DocBook is a semantic markup language for technical documentation. DocBook v5.0 is based on the REgular LAnguage for XML Next Generation (RLEAX NG) format that is more flexible than DTD and XML schema. There is a need to merge the BoostBook with DocBook v5.0 in order to extend the existing functionality of DocBook to document APIs. The successful integration of BoostBook with DocBook will enable the DocBook to provide vocabulary for both technical and API documentations."

Looking forward to hear comments or suggestions.

Thanks & Regards,

Erasmus Student
The University of Reading, UK
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
The University Of Carlos III, Madrid Spain

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