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Subject: Re: [docbook] GSoC 2010 - Integration of BoostBook with DocBook

On 04/06/2010 02:56 AM, Dave Pawson wrote:
> On Mon, 05 Apr 2010 22:22:05 -0400
> Stefan Seefeld<seefeld@sympatico.ca>  wrote:
>> In fact, I hope that a similar strategy may be chosen for other
>> ports, such as the Website and Slides vocabularies, when they are
>> ported to DocBook 5.
> Perhaps that's a good GSOC idea? Designing
> a strategy to 'part' docbook into sub-vocabs
> and provide a mechanism whereby any pairing could
> integrate without problems.

Do you thinking of this as a separate project ? I was hoping that such 
conceptual / design work could be part of the existing "applied" 
projects such as the one we are discussing here, or the two others about 
Website and Slides. In any case, I'd very much appreciate if, during the 
curse of any such project, we could together discuss any upcoming design 
questions here on the list (or wherever might be a better place / medium).

In particular, in case more than one of these projects gets accepted, I 
certainly hope to see collaboration on these aspects among them, such 
that there is a common approach to them all.

I can certainly see this API profile to integrate bits from what is 
already in DB (such as "funcsynopsis", "oointerface", etc.), but I 
expected this to be impractical for the obvious backward-incompatibility 
issues. If you think that it should be done nonetheless, that could 
certainly be added, once the main work has been completed.



       ...ich hab' noch einen Koffer in Berlin...

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