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Subject: Re: RE: [docbook] How can I render an element twice without duplicating the ID?

What I'm looking for is not really a ToC. Rather, I want the questions to be printed without answers in the main part of the book, and then again with answers in an appendix at the end. Does that clarify things?

On Apr 15, 2010 7:34 PM, "David Cramer" <dcramer@motive.com> wrote:

Hi Brad,
I could be misunderstanding your goal, but if you want to have a "table
of contents" for a qandaset (or qandadiv), the stylesheets can already
do that out of the box:


In the case of qandasets/divs, the "toc" is a list of questions (or
whatever label you're using).

Hope that helps.


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