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Subject: DocBook and DocBook Stylesheets licenses


I'm doing the evaluation of the DocBook and DocBook Stylesheets for the customer. I have planned to use them in the PDF generation.

Could you send me the plain text license papers both the DocBook and DocBookStylesheets by email and possible web links to them. Are these license papers contained in the  DocBook and DocBook Stylesheets software packages? I didn't find the plain text in the http://wiki.docbook.org/topic/DocBookLicense and text there is maybe not enough clear for the lawyers.

I also did the grep search on the DocBook project in the svn and wasn't sure what are the correct licenses.

My customer's lawyer and my company's lawyer want to check every software license paper before the evaluation. And the lawyer process could be slow, so I want that all licenses are OK.


Mika Tapanainen

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