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Subject: Re: [docbook] A separate Index Tab for DocBook WebHelp?

Hello Peter,
Thanks for the Compliment.

>Are you adding a third tab for the index to the left, navigation pane?

Yes, that's correct. We just needed to know whether it's good to have it like that or just a link in the "Contents" tab would be suffice.
Sorry, we didn't add the tab yet. Please have a look at [0]. It shows the index in the "Contents" pane. We are evaluating the effectiveness of moving it to a separate tab. (Please don't mind about the site styling. The build at [0] is from a pre-release webhelp customization.) 
We would like to hear from you about your view about it, and about WebHelp output as a whole if you please.

Thanks You!

[0] http://www.thingbag.net/docbook/gsoc2010/defguideout/content/ix01.html

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