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Subject: Self publisher for DocBook XML?


does anyone know or can recommend a self publisher (or anyone else) who can
help with creating a customization layer to generate a PDF file ready to be
printed (or to be forwarded to a self publisher to be printed)? I had
contacted Lulu.com and they have no idea what DocBook XML is. :-/ They can
help with formatting and designing Word files (among others). But of course
I want to use the DocBook toolchain only (after all I might want another
version of the book to be printed later). 

While I have created pretty big customization layers for HTML and ePub files
I have no time to do this now for PDF files again nor do I know the
requirements to turn the PDF file into a paper book. Of course I'm ready to
pay for the service. 

The book I'm talking about can be found at
http://en.highscore.de/cpp/boost/. It's about the Boost C++ libraries (which
seems to be another problem for Lulu.com as I'm not sure whether they have
much experience formatting technical books; for example there are lots of
source code samples). 


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